Why Participation Matters

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America has existed longer than any other skilled trade because of its members’ willingness to organize and fight for the rights of all Carpenters.  The success of our union today depends on the participation of each and every one of our members.  The actions you take today will have a profound effect on our Union tomorrow.

The Member Union Participation Program allows our carpenters to take part in highly visible activities that protect workers’ wages and benefits.  Every active member of Local 255 must fulfill his or her Participation requirement by volunteering up two days per calendar year in Council sanctioned events.

Member Union Participation Program

Members will receive notification of their randomly assigned participation dates and the Local will send each member a reminder call at least two days before the event.

Members may choose another Local 255 member to participate as a stand-in for a particular date and location.  However, in the event the stand-in fails to participate in the scheduled activity, the assigned member will be held responsible for making up his/her assigned day.

Each member who fails to take part in this program during the calendar year will be charged a dues assessment.  The assessments are not meant to be punitive, but are designed to underscore the importance of Local 255 members coming out and supporting their Union’s activities.

The success of the Member Union Participation program depends on all members becoming visibly active in Union events.  Our visible solidarity will send a strong message to public and private interests that carpenters stand united in our efforts to obtain more work opportunities, protect our area standards and increase membership for our Brotherhood.

Member Union Participation (“MUP”) Changes

  1. Each member will be assigned two dates per calendar year. The member will be permitted to make up one assigned date. If the member has missed his/her assigned date, failure to complete the second assigned date will result in dues assessment as per Section 22 of the Council By-Laws.
  2. A Council map listing all MUP hotline numbers will be provided to all members.
  3. Local 251 members are subject to the guidelines outlined in Section 22 of the Council By-Laws and will manage its MUP program from assignments to assessments.
  4. No more than one credited MUP will be issued per activity.
  5. Any UBC Member working 99 hours within our council must complete 2 MUP’s that calendar year.
  6. Only MUP’s performed within Local 255 will be accepted as credit for the requirements of the Membership Union Participation Program.
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