Building A Better Union

Change is constant. Even in the construction industry, where individual crafts workers, as well as business owners, will point to technology. There is no doubt tremendous changes have come in waves.

So how does a union that has been operating within that industry for more than 130 years make sure it preserves its historical roots and stay current at the same time? By taking advantage of its most valuable resource: union members.

From the early days when P.J. McGuire began organizing carpenters in a process that would lead to the founding of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. The key ingredient to the success of our union has been member involvement. The basic philosophy of unionism is that individuals work better together than each working alone.

We are leveraging our 130-year history to prepare for tomorrow by training, educating and representing the next generation of Carpenters. The Carpenters Union is an organization that can thrive only when its members are involved. Members are encouraged to play an active role in the wide range of training opportunities available – all at no cost to the individual member.

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