How do I become a Union Carpenter?

For more information on how to become a Union Carpenter, please call our Apprentice School at (609) 567-5675 as they schedule the basic skills math test.

How do I become a Union Contractor?

For more information on how to become a Union Contractor, please email

How do I pay my Dues?

Member can pay by Mail, by Credit Card through Express Pay or by coming to our Hall at 3300 S. White Horse Pike in Mullica Township, NJ 08037

Where’s my dues card?

The Local no longer mails out a dues card. Each active, working member should have a Training Verification Card (TVC) with a barcode that can be scanned using a QR reader. Your TVC has your training, certifications, your initiation date, your dues paid through date and your classifications.

How do I check my dues status?

You can scan the barcode on your Training Verification Card or call the hall at (609) 567-0400.

Where do I get information on how to use the Mix 20/20 Dispatch System?

You can call (800) 735-1829 – you will need your UBC# and the last four of your social security number or visit

What number am I on the Out of Work List?

Call (800) 735-1829 or go to

How do I find out where the MUP locations are?

Call (609) 567-0114

How do I check my MUP status?

Call (609) 567-0400 ext 1206 for Lisa

How do I get involved with the Volunteer Organizing Committee?

To become part of the VOC, please contact (609) 567-0400.

How do I apply for assistance from the Member Assistance Program?

To see if you qualify for the Member Assistance Program, visit

How do I obtain TWIC or SWAC Credentials?

To get information on obtaining your TWIC or SWAC Credentials, please visit TWIC or SWAC.

How do I get reimbursed for my TWIC or SWAC Credentials?

To find out about possibly getting reimbursed for TWIC or SWAC Credentials please contact the NJ Carpenters Training Center at 908-241-8866.

How much are my dues?

  • Regular Member – $21.00/month
  • Early Retired and Early Retired Shop – $16.80/month
  • Retirees – $6.00/month

Are my dues refundable

Dues payments are only refundable under certain circumstances. If you have any questions, please call (609) 567-0400.

How do I check my dues?

Scan the QR Code on your membership card.

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